Alive But Not Kicking

12 06 2011

It’s been nothing but tumbleweed here for many moons now. The good news is Botcherby’s is still alive, the database is up to date and will be kept up to date. On each of the database pages you can see the date of the most recent update. However, time has conspired against me such that the blogging side of things is on permanent hiatus. How very Doctor Who of me.

I hope the database continues to be of use to you all, and you can still contact me via email with any queries or information. I will be listening.

Updated stories:
BrokenSea: East of the Sun, West of the Moon / Mechalution / The Quorum of Time.
Crossover Adventures: Let It Snow / West Wind
DAM Productions: Arrangements
Darker Projects: The Christmas Message / Caribbean Blue
DWAD: Might of the Starry Sea / Faces of the Dead
Fineline Productions: The Chattath Factor
Giant Gnome: Blackbird
Planet Skaro: Once Upon A Time Lord, Massanicassa

January Releases – DWAD – Crossovers – BrokenSea – Darker Projects

27 01 2011

Whilst catching up on the audios from the end of last year, I couldn’t help but notice even more new stories piling up on my desktop. They come in waves you know.

DWAD continue their 36th season with the Earthbound futuristic story ‘Might of the Starry Sea’.

The Crossovers make good on their promise for more stories. After the recent Xmas special ‘Let it Snow’, the series proper continues with episode one of ‘West Wind’. With it’s evocative front cover.

BrokenSea continues its current season with a tale of ancient warring races and the Doctor’s attempts to preserve the time continuum. In the curiously titled ‘Quorum of Time’.

Darker Projects kicks off a new season with The Doctor and Emma on a distant and unique planet in ‘Caribbean Blue’.

Giant Gnome: City of the Dead (part 2)

16 09 2010

Giant Gnomes second season gets underway, with us finding out more about Emily’s captor.


DWAD: End of Innocence (episode four)

3 09 2010

Another slice of DWAD is on offer. This one shares a few themes with The Aztecs and State of Decay. A classic feel in the DWAD style. All four episodes are at the link.


Planet Skaro Re-Launch

30 08 2010

Big news for fans of the Planet Skaro series of audio plays. They have just launched a whole new website design and made the first two stories from their series available online for the first time. That is ‘Echoes of the Protii’ and ‘Soap of Fatal Death’. Not to mention all of the other stories in their now four season long catalogue presented with cover artwork and extras.

What are you waiting for…


DWAD: End of Innocence (episode three)

24 08 2010

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas are one of the few groups to really embrace the primitive alien society and historical stories that hark back to early Who of the sixties and seventies. Whether there is a twist to come this time is yet to be seen. It’s also a story about how not everything is as it initially seems. The Doctor saves a child from it’s kidnappers, only to let companion Robbie hand him back to a community that will kill him. The last cliffhanger was a bit of a classic where Robbie is forcibly claimed as a wife by a warrior. If only there was an intergalactic website advising travellers only to visit if essential.


DWAD: End of Innocence (episode two)

5 08 2010

Episode two is now online, with the first part also still available on the same page. Mp3 versions are available through itunes and generally turn up in the programme catalogue section once the full story has aired.


Planet Skaro: Sting of the Time Bees (episode two)

31 07 2010

Planet Skaro returned on good form last week. There are plenty of gigglesome moments, as Edward has his life unravelled by the invading Time Bees. It’s a top notch production with well acted new characters, and bodes well for the coming stories. The concluding episode is out now.


Planet Skaro: The Sting of The Time Bees (episode one)

24 07 2010

They’re back.

I’ve got to say Planet Skaro Audios have a knack with titles. From the mysterious ‘The Kalrexi Mutation’ to the pulpy adventure sound of ‘The Sting of the Time Bees’. And they don’t skimp when it comes to world and character building as you’ll see with this stories blurb. If you’re not familiar with Planet Skaro, expect larger than life characters, interesting plots and alien worlds wrapped in a lighthearted sense of humour.

Sadly, what they don’t have just now is a fresh webpage for this story, and so I’ll repost their blurb with the link. Sometime soon the full info should appear on their main page here –

“The Time Bees are coming, Ed. They’re coming for YOU.”

NOROMBRA. A world of myths and legends, ruled by a tyrannical Queen.

GENE BRADLEY. The playboy billionaire businessman and movie star. A gentleman and an adventurer.

LORD RAXBONE. Ice Lord of Mars. His mission: to recapture the honour of the Martian Empire.

The Doctor’s companion Edward Bradley is thrust into a world of intrigue and mayhem. But being executed by the Palace Guard and escaping the clutches of the Ice Warriors are the least of his worries. Because Ed has been marked by the Time Bees… and the cataclysmic events that follow will shake Norombra to it’s core and bring the whole galaxy under threat!

Ed has one hope left – that the Doctor will save him. Only this time the Doctor has problems of his own. After all, how can he save Ed… if he can’t even save himself?

Empires will crumble, secrets will be revealed and loads of people will die in… The STING of the TIME BEES!”


PS. They have an RSS feed now too. Although that does risk making this blog a little redundant it’s a good feature (that not everyone is doing so don’t leave me).

DWAD: End of Innocence (episode one)

24 07 2010

The ever reliable Doctor Who Audio Dramas have released the first part of their second story this year. It’s a question of character this time, as The Doctor’s tendency to spontaneously intervene has terrible results. More at the link.



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