Botcherby’s Now Online

31 03 2008

Welcome to Botcherby’s. The Doctor Who fan audios database and blog. There are 3 basic goals for this site.

1. To maintain a full listing of all fan produced Doctor Who audio dramas, and some relevant spin-offs. Where possible providing links to the creators websites and downloads. The audios are listed by production group, with episode details below. Take a look at the pages above to see what’s listed so far.

2. To post details of newly released audio dramas. Occasionally they’ll be trailers for forthcoming releases too. You can use the RSS feed to easily keep up to date.

3. For those audios that have been lost in the winds of time, Botcherby’s will be contacting old producers for permission to host them for short periods, and hopefully get the authors comments too. You’ll find this on the Now Playing page, which is currently empty. Give me time. I’ll blog it when it happens.

At this point I’d like to say a big thank you to David Parker, who kindly provided the artwork for our header. I hope you agree it looks fantastic. There’s a link to his online portfolio in the blogroll.

Also in the blogroll are links to the currently active audio groups. It can be hard to define what active is, as some groups only make slow progress due to the nature of creating these freely distributed fan projects, and others may only be re-releasing old material. If you think I’ve missed someone off the list that deserves to be there, drop me a comment or send email to botcherbys at googlemail dot com.

Some groups also produce more than just Doctor Who audios, so do check out their other material. You’ll also notice Big Finish in there and the database. Quite a few people from there also worked in fan audios first, and being a professional fully licensed group they deserve a mention. None of the fan groups want to infringe on their or the BBC’s copyright, and I recommend you buy some of their releases and support the franchise. They really are very good.

The database itself should serve as a basic reference tool, also pooling together links for all the different production groups. The first incarnation is already pretty full, but will be under constant revision. I’ll post an announcement if there are any major updates.

I think that wraps up introductions. There’s a number of projects underway at the moment. Once they reach fruition, I’ll get posting.