DAM Bumper Release – 4 Audios

29 04 2008

Newly announced is the four latest stories from DAM Audios.

There is the first of the new series of audios with Matthew Chambers as the Doctor – Sorrow. Plus two short trips featuring him – Vilgreth and Up Above the Gods. Along with another short trip from David Nagel’s Doctor in Dr Who and the Alien Named Steve.


DWAD Presents: Hippocratic Oath – Episode 2

24 04 2008

Out now for download.


Database Update

22 04 2008

There’s been a big update to the database. All entries now have information on each story’s number of episodes and total running times, where it is known (which is most of them thankfully).

I’ve also re-jigged the pages so that the main database only has groups with completed audios in it. A new Graveyard page has been added to list projects which unfortunately never finished a proper first story. I’ve had to use slightly subjective criteria for a couple, but as always if anyone disagrees get in touch.

Some of the queried audios have been researched and sadly moved to the graveyard. There’s one new entry to the database.

Munchai [website] [alt link]
1. Path of the Jagaroth [5 mins]

Years Active: 2007

DWAD presents Hippocratic Oath – Episode One

10 04 2008

A new story from The Doctor Who Audio Dramas team. Available for download.


BrokenSea presents The Unravelling (part 2)

3 04 2008

The fourth part of BrokenSea’s new series of Doctor Who audio dramas has just been released. Listen online or download at the link below.

The Unravelling part 2