DWAD: Hippocratic Oath (episode 4)

24 05 2008

Episode 4 is available for download now.

Also, for regulars here, I will be without net access for a couple of weeks. So no updates until after that. Hopefully I’ll only miss one or two things at most, and will catch up asap.


DWAD: Hippocratic Oath (episode 3)

9 05 2008

Episode 3 is available for download.


Monster Mash: Returns

6 05 2008

Something a bit different today. Christopher Thomson, of Time Tunnel Productions, has begun a series of short comedy audios. Inspired by Stella Street, it is based around the monsters of Dr Who discussing Dr Who. Episode one is about the returning of old monsters to the new series. Here’s the link to the new webpage.


BrokenSea presents: In Plain Sight (part two)

5 05 2008

Part Five of the series continues, following The Doctor’s adventures in New Orleans.
brokensea.com doctor-who-in-plain-sight-part-2-b1e5

Also, scoot on over to the Crossover Adventures website for an exciting announcement.