Time Tunnel & BrokenSea: New Releases

31 10 2008

There’s plenty stirring this All Hallows Eve. Two more releases, both concluding episodes.

First up, the long awaited finale to Time Tunnel’s Cyber War. Part 4 is titled Deletion. If you’ve not heard it before then all four parts are available from their site.

Next is the 3rd and final episode of Strange Bedfellows from BrokenSea Productions, with the Sontarans generally causing a nasty violent stink in history. Stream it or download it.

Enjoy, and still plenty more on the way in November.


Planet Skaro: The Curse of Ratanapura (episode two)

30 10 2008

Part two of this haunted castle adventure is ready for download.

Check it out HERE

Database Update

26 10 2008

Whilst enjoying this flurry of releases, I’ve also been doing my best to add to the already packed database. Aside from the current releases here’s what’s been added.

>>In the Main Database:
I’ve added episode names for all the Audio Visuals and BBV releases. I’ve yet to complete all the no. episodes and running time info. That will come later.

Also one that was released, but now unavailable. Not sure about the extent of the production, but it appears FloorTen helped out.

Tardis Library [website]
1. Project W (aka Dream Terror)

Years Active: 2002

>>In the Queries section:
A comment prompted me to find what I could on an audio featuring Sarah Sutton that seems to have disappeared with little trace. Leading to this entry. There are links with more info in the comments of the queries page.

The Augury Commission / Augury:The Commission
Possibly featuring Sarah Sutton and Mark Strickson. (1999 (?))

More recently I’ve been reading a nicely designed site about the Tapezines of the 80s and 90s (The Tapezine Matrix). Amongst the interviews and exposition there appear to be a few things that could qualify as short audio dramas. Probably not very professional, but they sound well spirited.

The S.F.O.W. Express (Tapezine produced by the Salisbury Federation of Whovians)
Genesis of the Wogans

Sonic Waves 4 (oct 1985 tapezine)
The Doctor’s Schooldays [4 part playlet]

UNIT Tapezine
Produced 5 tapezines (1984-1986) some featuring audio stories.

If anyone has more info or even better recordings of these stories then please get in touch. Email is on the Queries page. Along with lots of other audios that need info.

>>In other news:
Before the year is out it we have numerous groups promising more stories: Dream Realm, Planet Skaro, DWAD, BrokenSea, and Time Tunnel. If we’re lucky a couple of others too.

Planet Skaro: The Curse of Ratanapura

20 10 2008

Planet Skaro have returned for the second leg of their second season.

Kicking off with The Curse of Ratanapura. A two part story of cursed gems and hauntings on a historic New Year’s Eve. Part one is available for download now. Link below.

They will also be releasing limited edition CDs with extra features to drum up more support for The Children’s Society charity.

Download Here

In other news, those Unregenerates that brought us FANZ have updated their website. They are offering lots of extras for free download (you need to sign onto the mailing list), including artwork and behinds the scenes footage. Plus the two specials that haven’t been re-released yet (you can see them in the database).


BrokenSea: Strange Bedfellows (part two)

17 10 2008

Apologies, as this one seemed to slip through the RSS net some how. It’s also been released earlier than usually expected. Note to self, slap on the wrist etc.

Here’s the goodies…

The continuation of The Doc’s time in WWII.

Dam Productions: Tempromancy of the Daleks (episode three)

12 10 2008

And as if from nowhere Dam Productions releases the third installment of their season one finale Tempromancy of the Daleks. I guess I don’t have to give you a clue as to who/what stars along with the good Doctor. All the previous episodes can be found at the same link.



DWAD: The Call of Pudsey (preview)

10 10 2008

Yes – The Doctor Who Audio Dramas Children in Need special is well on the way. Final release date is scheduled as 14th November. In the meantime, check out the preview on their site.

DOWNLOAD HERE (bottom of the page)

Regulars will no doubt be aware that things have been very quiet these past weeks. It’s to be expected from time to time, but I’ll endeavor to fill the void soon enough.