BrokenSea: The Unraveling (episode 3)

13 11 2008

The BrokenSea series turns back to it’s simultaneous storyline with Ida and Maren. Set in 19th Century New England.

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19 11 2008

We have an audition for our 2009 season. I thought your readers might like to know:

BrokenSea – Doctor Who – 2009 Season Auditions


Derrick (male, human, modern, British, working class, 20s)
Derrick: Nah, only if the VCR is stuck blinkin’ 12. (beat) Hey, meetin’ some people some people from class before headin’ out to Westham. Wanna go?

Shaza (female, human, modern, British, working class, 20s)
Shaza: Tell ya’ what. If I get it done, I’ll swing by the pub and head up to the football with all of ya’. No promises though!

Father Manx (male, middle aged)
MANX: Your apologies are not unwelcome, though they are not necessary, Brother Chartreaux. I was just finishing up the sermon for the humans this Sunday. (beat) Not many of them attend these days, but those who do… You look worried Brother. Is there something wrong? (pause)

Brother Chartreaux (male, 20s)
CHARTREAUX: They aren’t reproductions, Doctor. (beat) Before the supernova that consumed the Earth, artifacts of the human homeworld were auctioned off to investors.

Marcus Gann (male, human, strong/silent type)
GANN: There’s a terminal to your left. You try and
crack that lock from there. I’ll seal this
door off down here to buy you some time.

Travis (male, British, east-end)
TRAVIS: Exactly. (beat) Two hearts. Resting pulse of only 10 per minute. Twenty-six ribs in your ribcage. Core body temperature of 16 degrees centigrade. Not to mention the extra lobe in your brain — what the hell are you? (beat) Where in blazes are you from? (beat) Well?!

COMPUTER: Warning, unauthorized access to core DataNet
functions is a criminal offense punishable
by summary execution.

Brother Chaton (male, human, French)
CHATON: Your clothing M’lady? It’s very… I did not mean to intrude upon you. Please forgive my curiosity. I wish no scandal with the family Poisson. Long rest the soul of your dear mother.

TECH1: No, we didn’t find anything like that. (beat) All we have is you, and the contents of your pockets when we took you in.

TECH2: Motion sensor alarm tripped in Sector B7A.

A Doctor
DR: She’s been like this for some time. Calling out. It never makes any sense.

NURSE: Right! Mrs. Waterfield, well, we just canít
figure it out. Yes, she has an acute
arrhythmia but aside from that is completely
asymptomatic for any condition in the book.

Simone Poisson (female, human, French, cultured, young)
SIMONE: Only because you will not explain yourself,
Francois. (beat) Who is being held in the
root cellar?

Restal Corin (male, New Earth, east-end)
CORIN: That is how the story goes, mate. (beat) Oh,
and don’t worry about the computer. It was
me that cut your power. Breaking into the
Core Data System is all fine and good, but
stay in there too long and suddenly you got
a bunch of corporate rent-a-cops pointing
blasters at your head.

Commercial Voice (female, smooth, modern)
ANNOUNCER: People talk about returning from a vacation
refreshed and rejuvenated. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to
come back feeling younger and more alive for real? (beat)
Well now, it’s possible

WEATHERMAN: The Weather Control Bureau says to expect daytime
highs nearing 32 Centigrade and sunshine on the New French
Riviera with strategic enhancements to stratospheric Ozone
making this optimum beach weather. To meet monthly
precipitation requirements, rain will begin nightly at 6:27
New Greenwich Mean Time and last for 83 minutes. Night time
lows will fall to 23 Centigrade, all in all, perfect holiday
weather, now back to you Glerpnik.

ANCHOR: Thanks Stan. Staying with news from New France, our
sometime-political/sometime-business reporter, Ooloof
Shunpike, comes to you live, on location, from the New Left

REPORTER: When pressed if her name will appear on the ballot
for President later this year, Krau Timmin refused to
comment. (beat) I’m Ooloof Shunpike, New Earth News.

President (French)
PRESIDENT: The record of the Telecom negotiations are in the
public record. The key was a tax rebate allowing TJC to
relocate here, to New Earth. This deal brings jobs that used
to take some of our best and brightest far from home (beat)
and keeps them — right here. That is good for the economy.
That is good for the people of New Earth.

INTERVIEWEE: She’s like us, you know? Well, not really. She was born
out there on Androzani and spends more on her nails in a week
than I spend on my mortgage in a year but… look what she’s
done. Spectrox is dirt cheap these days. Would you believe
I’m 83 years old? I don’t feel a day over 30. And, the whole
datanet — its free. Free! (beat) If she runs, she’s got my

Only auditions following the following submission guidelines will be considered.

– Record an MP3 (192k 44100mhz)

– Name it as follows yourname_charactername_drwho2009.mp3
*Do NOT send 1 MP3 with multiple auditions in it.
It will be discarded.

– Email the file to

– In the email, please provide the following information

a. Your Name (how you would like it read in credits)
b. Your geographic location (include time zone)
c. Best times of day (your local time) to reach you
d. Best days of the week to reach you
e. How soon after being cast you be able to record
f. Can you use FTP to deliver your lines?
If so, what program do you use?
g. If offered roles other than the ones you auditioned for,
will you accept?

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