Dam Productions: Dalek Universe II

26 01 2009

Dam Productions have released a trailer for the second part of their spin off series ‘Dalek Universe’. Episode I charted the return of the daleks from their last defeat and humanity’s attempts to stop Davros’ technological advancements. It’s still up for download – called ‘The Upgrade’.

The next part, ‘The Poison of the Daleks’, is on the way soon. Download the trailer at their mini-site.



BrokenSea: New season begins

23 01 2009

Picking up from the end of last season, with The Doctor and Rani’s showdown, BrokenSea are back with another season of 13 episodes. I’m guessing the 13 episodes bit, but it’s a safe bet. If it seems quick, it’s because it is. Hardly been a gap between the seasons so something must be going right. Certainly not complaining at this end.

Setting the tone is episode one – ‘The Three Fold Solution’. Get it at their site.


Doctor Who Expanded Wiki

12 01 2009

This is a new wiki resource for Doctor Who fandom that shouldn’t be missed. It’s been slowly building up for the last few months, and is now beginning to take shape. As with all wikis the goal is quite simply information. As much as possible, on all aspects of fan projects. From film to audio to comic to game to anything. I’ve been adding articles on fan audio dramas for a while now, with help from some great contributers. Other sections are growing quickly too. Anyone who wants to help out is welcome. Like any wiki you can start editing quickly, with no obligations.

The Planet Skaro team have embraced the site and added lots about their audios. You can get an idea of what’s possible by browsing their section.


What does that mean for this site? Absolutely nothing! Whilst DWexpanded can provide a more detailed database (makes me happy), I’ll still be maintaining Botcherby’s streamlined database. I’ll have to call it the ‘at a glance’ database now. And of course there is still the blog, interviews and theatre aspects, which the wiki won’t be competing on at all. So fear not. It just means fandom gets another great site.

To visit click here or on the picture.

BrokenSea: The Nature of Things

2 01 2009

Time for another big episode in the Broken Sea season. The Rani, the universe, immortality, and all that kind of jazz.

Available to download now…


Also, a belated Happy New Year to everyone following the blog (the grog’s just wearing off). Thanks for using the site. There’s lots to look forward to despite this being a Doctor Who lite year. Planet Skaro have a new series on the way. As do Broken Sea Productions. Dream Realm have a few stories already in production. You can expect things from the ever reliable DWAD. And no doubt, there will be a smattering of other single projects. Rumours and murmourings are rife across the numerous forums as usual. Enjoy.