BrokenSea: Murder on the Androzani Express

24 02 2009

Sorry – a little late with this update, but as you can see above BrokenSea have a new episode out. Androzani and immortality no less. The themes from the trailer are giving me a potential Agatha Christie – Galaxy Express 999 mash up feeling. Will have to listen and see. Download and stream at the link below.


DAM Productions: Tempromancy of the Daleks (ep4)

16 02 2009

After the tantalisingly large cliffhanger from episode three, we now have the concluding part to this story. Listen online or download it from the DAM website.

Dream Realm: Harbingers (episode 2)

15 02 2009

The second part is ready for download.

Dream Realm: Harbingers (episode 1)

7 02 2009

Time for the third story of their second season of audios. Dream Realm continue to add new worlds and monsters to the Doctor Who universe. The Doctor and his companions answer a distress call, and encounter tales of the legendary Harbingers. Deadly stuff, for a full synopsis and to download the first episode visit their website.