DWAD: Alive (episode one)

23 04 2009

While the exact plot details are still shrouded in mystery, the trailer told us the key elements. We’ve got something akin to a plague, mass evacuations and the military on the defensive. Along with the cert 12 rating it should be quite a ride.

The first part of Alive is now ready for download from the DWAD site.



Planet Skaro: A Baron for all Seasons

22 04 2009

Season three gets underway with this Doctorless escapade. Set amidst a peace conference for a lengthy galactic war. With the return of characters the Baron of Boralis and Tor Garane from season two.

You can download from the Planet Skaro site. In future a CD will be available including plenty of extra material (see the website). Also, take a look at the Refuge website – Planet Skaro’s chosen charity. If you enjoy the story please consider making a donation.


The next story, Blood Money, will be out in May.

DAM: Second Series Trailer and Info

17 04 2009

Things are starting to get busy again. DAM Productions is gearing up to release another run of stories. Saturday 2nd May is the projected start date. Visit the link below for an appetite wetting trailer, plus titles and blurbs for the first five stories.

DAM Series 2 linky

And when I say busy, I mean busy. The Planet Skaro team have put up a page for their next adventure, A Baron for all Seasons [http://www.planetskaro.org.uk/creative/audio/baronindex.php]. No trailer as yet, but the CD cover artwork is one of their best to date. Release date is down as 22nd April.

Better clear some space on the mp3 player.

BrokenSea: Tardisode Teaser

16 04 2009

News Break 2. In the style of their previous tardisode like teaser, we hear more of the political goings on in the Androzani sector.

Download NEWS BREAK 2 @ BrokenSea

DWAD: Alive (trailer)

5 04 2009

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas (DWAD) are preparing their next story, called ‘Alive’. Coming later this month, but for now the trailer is online. Scroll down their homepage for the download.

DWAD HomePage

BrokenSea: Take Two

1 04 2009

In 2005 The BBC aired a new season of the iconic series of Doctor Who. One episode was never completed.

This is why…

The series continues —>