Planet Skaro, DWAD, BrokenSea: New Releases

28 05 2009

After a week’s holiday I return to find my broadband out of action, and as expected a couple of new audio dramas released. This is coming to you from pay-as-you-go dial up (the horror), so I’ll obviously not be doing much downloading, or even browsing till I’ve sorted my connection. Nevertheless I’ll do my best to keep up to date during this busy season. What’s been happening over the last week…

Planet Skaro: Blood Money (episode two)
The conclusion of the first proper story of their third season.

There is also a trailer for the next story, coming this Saturday, called The Hand of Peace. With a cover promising us some UNIT action. Hear the Havoc!
Direct Link:

DWAD: Alive (episode three)
The unstoppable producers of more fan audio than you can shake a stick of Rassilon at keep it coming.

BrokenSea: Who is Amanda Waterfield?
Another teaser in this ongoing season.


Planet Skaro: Blood Money (episode one)

17 05 2009

After their appetizer story from last month, comes the first episode of a full length, Doctered up, tale called ‘Blood Money’. This one sees the TARDIS crew arrive on Earth to find an unwelcome age old alien war on their doorstep. Planet Skaro describe it as a traditional story with a bit more grit than usual. The first part is downloadable at the link below. Enjoy.

And don’t forget that they will be releasing limited edition CDs with lots of extra bits to help raise some money for the charity Refuge. See their site for info.

BrokenSea & DWAD: New Releases

7 05 2009

Yes, two more episodes out today.

BrokenSea have released the fifth episode of their monthly 2009 season. We take a visit to New Earth, Spectrox rears it’s head again, and an old companion makes an appearence. ‘The Midnight Garden’ is ready for download. Link below.

BrokenSea: The Midnight Garden

Meanwhile, The Doctor Who Audio Dramas are onto episode two of their 4-parter ‘Alive’. The carnage continues.

Alive: Episode Two

DAM: A Blue Box, A Traveller and Two Strangers

3 05 2009

Just sneeking in this saturday evening is DAM productions first episode from their new run of Doctor Who stories. The new motto seems to be ‘new’, with new companions, new monsters and who knows what else. It’s available for download and streaming at the link below. Enjoy.