Planet Skaro: The Wealth of Craytians (episode two)

20 06 2009

The concluding part is now available for download.



BrokenSea: Teaser

18 06 2009

Another appetiser from BrokenSea.

‘Who is Amanda Waterfield? (part 2)’

Planet Skaro: The Wealth of Craytians (episode one)

14 06 2009

The TARDIS lands on a deep space battle cruiser. The Doctor and companion Ed witness the war strategies of an ongoing confrontation first hand. More invention and imagination from Planet Skaro Audios.

Planet Skaro: The Wealth of Craytians (trailer)

10 06 2009

Reaching the midpoint of their third (and I would say best) season, here’s a trailer for their forthcoming story. Described by writer Lissa Levesque as a “constant stream of words”, it’s got the potential to stand out as a unique story. The trailer has a feel of epic wittiness, or should that be sillyness? Something the Planet Skaro team are well versed in. Along with their usual wealth of interesting new characters.

DAM: The Unforgiving World (episode one)

8 06 2009

Continuing DAM Productions’ second season.

Here’s the Blurb:
Marooned on a desolate world where the sand moves suspiciously beneath the feet, and the imminent destruction of the planet is a real possibility, an old adversary waits to greet the Doctor and a creature longs to feed.

And here’s the link:


Planet Skaro: The Hand of Peace (episode two)

6 06 2009

The concluding episode is ready and waiting. Go check it out.

DWAD & BrokenSea: New Episodes

4 06 2009

Still coming thick and fast, and with a touch of synchronicity (is that a word?). DWAD give us the conclusion to their apocalyptic story ‘Alive’.

Whilst BrokenSea near the halfway point of their 2009 season with ‘A Shadowed Past’, which as the titled suggests delves into the history of our protagonists.