Dam Productions, Giant Gnome & BrokenSea: New Episodes

20 08 2009

It’s all happening at once this week. Four new releases.

First up Dam Productions have two more episodes online. The concluding part of ‘The Unforgiving World’, where we find out what’s causing trouble on the sand planet. The following release is another audio book style story, ‘It Ends Where It Began’. About a newly discovered gas that could replace fossil fuels, and the unforseen and deadly problems that arise.

The Unforgiving World (part 2):

It Ends Where It Began:

BrokenSea Audio Productions have another teaser episode out.

Who is Amanda Waterfield? part 4:

Lastly, we have a new Dr Who producer to welcome to the fold. Giant Gnome Productions have released the first episode of their forthcoming series known as ‘Legends of a Time Lord’. They’re giving nothing away in the blurb, other than it’s a surprise filled trip to the 19th century. And I’ll do the same, so follow the link and listen to find out more. I’ll give a little more detail with the next episode.

Springheel Jack (part 1):


DWAD: The Eyes of All (trailer)

12 08 2009

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas have released a trailer for their next story ‘The Eyes of All’. Someone is targeting The Doctor’s companion Moira. All will be revealed come September.

You can download it from their home page (scroll down).

BrokenSea: Beyond the Veil

7 08 2009

More audio drama from BrokenSea Productions (nicely on schedule as ever). In this episode – broken realities, deathbed mysteries, and brewing rebellion. Download from their site.


Also, BrokenSea’s Doctor Who series has made it into the Parsec Awards final nominations for the category ‘Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form including Independents)’. Good luck to them, and they ask for your support too in a recent blog. Read more here… http://brokensea.com/drwho/2009/08/04/project-parsec/

Darker Projects: Summer Cutaway

1 08 2009

Darker Projects continue their third season with this short linking episode. It’s a solid production, and the acting is good. Looks like they’re gearing up for another bout of full length stories. Watch this space.