Giant Gnome: Springheel Jack (episode two)

21 09 2009

The ‘Legends of a Time Lord’ series continues. No gnomes of whatever stature as yet, but we live in hope. Episode one heard The Doctor arrive in London, the year is 1888. He quickly finds himself on the run after being mistaken for a murderer and possibly victim of an attempt to frame him. So far the story is off to a slightly slow start, with a little much of The Doctor muttering to himself at the start (compensating for the lack of a companion). On the plus side the audio quality is decent and the actors all capable. Also we may be in for a first in Doctor Who fan audios (correct me if I’m wrong) as things shape up for the first blind companion. We’ve already had the more audacious mute companion from the DWAD audios.

This should be worth following as the series finds it’s feet. Both episodes are available from their site. Here’s the second.




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