Giant Gnome: Springheel Jack (episode 3)

21 10 2009

The plot thickens. So far we have the police thinking The Doctor is Jack the Ripper, stranded aliens meddling in who knows what, and the Doctor briefly showing his mean streak. Plenty of unanswered questions, most importantly – who is it that knows enough about The Doctor to set this trap for him?

Episode three may clear a few things up…


DAM Productions: Game of Adventure

13 10 2009

Continuing with the audiobook releases is ‘Game of Adventure’. This time putting 5th century Persia and a television show from another galaxy into the mix. As usual from DAM it’s a good reading and solid sound design. It’s on the DAM website in mp3 and pdf formats.

It’s also available, from an interesting site I’ve never come across before, as both an online ebook and streaming audio.

BrokenSea: The Untimely Dead

8 10 2009

BrokenSea are now onto their 10th episode of this second season, and they’re delving into The Time War. Not to mention the inclusion of Romana and K-9. Should prove interesting…