Darker Projects: The Dreamers (part 2)

30 11 2009

After years of living as a human with Emma, The Doctor is trying to get back to his old self. Whilst Emma is confused and upset at the loss of Jason (The Doctor’s former guise), now he is no longer the man she knew and loved. Chameleon Arch stories have certainly become more en vogue after Human Nature aired, and I’ll be honest that I didn’t particularly care for Darker Projects’ previous story which followed Jasons change into The Doctor. However, the end result has been good. The series now has one of the most interesting Doctor companion dynamics, and it’s hard to tell how it will develop.

Also, the story itself has a lovely eerie quality, making good use of the imagery of Londons landmarks in distress – the Tate Modern, the tube. Along with the use of these mysterious horses. I’ve said previously that both the leads play their parts well, nothing’s changed there. It’s a solid production all round.

Link: http://www.darkerprojects.com/doctorwho.php#0306



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