Giant Gnome: The Ouroboros Project (part 1)

26 02 2010

There’s that word again. The one which makes me copy and paste. Ouroboros – the snake that swallows it’s own tail. I’m not sure if gnomes can bend that far. This new story finds The Doctor and Emily in World War One. The title suggests a possible paradox or some other such time related intrigue. Who knows? Go listen and find out…



Database Update: Misfits

25 02 2010

Thanks to a brief comment in a 2 year old podcast I found a couple more Doctor Who related audio plays that went under my radar at the time (2008). Once again from Misfits Audio – I’m sure I trawled their site, puzzling. Nevertheless, they are now on the list and soon to be on my walkman.

Doctor Who: Pyramid of Doom
Torchwood: 1901

If they stay true to Misfits general style, it should all be fairly silly. Could Torchwood be anything else?


DAM Productions: The Eyes Have It

14 02 2010

DAM is back with a new full cast audio play, ‘The Eyes Have It’. Strangely about a killer and his desire for your eyes. Well maybe not yours personally, or maybe listen to find out.


Darker Projects: Doctor Who and the Silver Spiral

11 02 2010

Time for a special short from the Darker Projects series. The Doctor and Emma get up close and personal with a curious supernova.