Two Today

31 03 2010

Yes – Botcherby’s has been going for two years. Mostly smoothly and hopefully serving as some use to listeners and producers alike. Get in touch if you have any suggestions to improve the site.

So I’ll say a quick hello and thank you to everyone out there that has stopped by, made a comment, or emailed about this and that. It’s looking like another fun year ahead, with more new audio producers appearing recently and I hear there are one or two more in the pipeline already. May the wind be at your backs.

Now for cake…
tardis birthday cake

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Crossover Adventures: West Wind (trailer)

29 03 2010

This one slipped my radar from a week ago (apologies). The Crossover Adventures have released a new trailer for West Wind, which is nearing completion. Full info is currently at the top of their main page. Enjoy.

Giant Gnome: The Ouroboros Project (part 2)

29 03 2010

The adventure continues. The Doctor and Emily have found themselves a spacecraft in the middle of a battlefield during World War One. And it’s British. Although the high point of the previous episode was probably The Doctors rendition of Love Junkie Monkey.


DWAD: The Sontaran Trap (trailer)

26 03 2010

The Sontaran Trap is the first story of The Doctor Who Audio Dramas 36th season. A three part story about a man-made wormhole and no doubt the unwanted intrusion/invasion from our favourite round headed clones. Here’s a taster.

Link: (scroll down for mp3)

DAM Productions: Here Come the Clowns

22 03 2010

DAM are close to the end of their second season. This being the penultimate story in the run of mixed full cast and audiobook audios; this one is an audiobook, once again written by James D Quinton.


BrokenSea: From the Inside (part 1)

18 03 2010

They’re back. After a brief break BrokenSea kicks off it’s third season of Doctor Who audios. Mark Kalita returns for (I think) his 8th year playing The Doctor. The role is now as comfortable as a well worn hat. Listening to the opening it looks like this year will move away from the continuity links of the past two seasons and start anew. The first story takes place at Worthington Psychiatric Hospital; another unplanned trip ends up in intrigue. Strange forces and disappearing patients. BrokenSea are dab hands at audio drama so you can expect the audio quality to be high.

Something else of note is the new audio drama ratings system that BrokenSea have quickly adopted. A recently devised idea to help listeners, and parents, know what to expect. In this case amusingly interpreted by the delightful Shannon Hilchie.


Burton Enemy Productions: Silver Planet (episode two)

11 03 2010

BE Productions hit the ground running with their very first audio. A good opening scene and decent audio quality show promise for future episodes. Silver planet is a fairly formulaic base under siege story, but the acting holds up and their are signs of continued improvement already in episode two. Worth a listen for the very rocking theme music alone.


If you either loved or hated this or any other audios promoted here, do leave a comment. Producers like constructive criticism as much as a pat on the back, or simply to hear from listeners.