Burton Enemy Productions: Silver Planet (episode one)

3 03 2010

Another new producer arrives out of the blue. I know nothing of Burton Enemy Productions save their obvious love of the show. Silver Planet is a two part story, the first episode being about 25 minutes long. The blurb is short – The Doctor and Alan are at Avalon Station Alpha under siege from the Cybermen (if the cover picture is to be trusted). It’s good to have something fresh to check out. Download available on their site.

Link: http://tellarite.webs.com/audio/

Database Update:
Thanks to one of you lot out there, a fellow named David, an audio play has managed to escape the clutches of the Graveyard page. A rare event, not least because it requires my research to be proven flawed. Nevertheless he was good enough to e-mail info about Crossing Dimensions Productions story ‘Trust Me’. A complete 3 part story, sadly not available for download. It is now in the database, and many thanks to David.




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