BrokenSea: From the Inside (part 1)

18 03 2010

They’re back. After a brief break BrokenSea kicks off it’s third season of Doctor Who audios. Mark Kalita returns for (I think) his 8th year playing The Doctor. The role is now as comfortable as a well worn hat. Listening to the opening it looks like this year will move away from the continuity links of the past two seasons and start anew. The first story takes place at Worthington Psychiatric Hospital; another unplanned trip ends up in intrigue. Strange forces and disappearing patients. BrokenSea are dab hands at audio drama so you can expect the audio quality to be high.

Something else of note is the new audio drama ratings system that BrokenSea have quickly adopted. A recently devised idea to help listeners, and parents, know what to expect. In this case amusingly interpreted by the delightful Shannon Hilchie.




One response

14 04 2010
Dalen Rune

Wednesday, 20th of April, 25998 Mayan Common Era @ 8:30 UTC
Do you know what would be really kool??
It would be really kool if they could make animation
to match the audio!!
C.G.I. would be best!!
AND why is it that Amelia Pond (Kaitlin Blackwood)
is NOT listed as a companion??
She is the SAME person!!
The SAME person as Amy Pond (her cousin Karen Gillan)!!
Calling dibs on the centre of The Tardis’s couch
(From The Peter Cushing Movies??), Allons-y!!

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