Two Today

31 03 2010

Yes – Botcherby’s has been going for two years. Mostly smoothly and hopefully serving as some use to listeners and producers alike. Get in touch if you have any suggestions to improve the site.

So I’ll say a quick hello and thank you to everyone out there that has stopped by, made a comment, or emailed about this and that. It’s looking like another fun year ahead, with more new audio producers appearing recently and I hear there are one or two more in the pipeline already. May the wind be at your backs.

Now for cake…
tardis birthday cake

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8 responses

31 03 2010

Happy birthday, lads!

31 03 2010
Bill Hollweg

HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31 03 2010

Thanks guys. 🙂

1 04 2010

Happy Birthday Botcherbys! Thanks for all your efforts over the last 2 years. Here’s to many more.

5 04 2010

Just wanted to say congratulations. Doctor Who fandom has needed this kind of site for years, as Audio Drama is one of the best realized forms of fan expression the program has.

Thank you so much for putting forward this vibrant section of fandom, and exposing readers to so many wonderful stories and production groups.

Happy Birthday!

5 04 2010

Well I’d have to agree with that, and thank you for such a kind comment.

5 04 2010
Shannon Marie

Well done! You are appreciated more than you know!

6 04 2010
Si Hart


I’m always having a look to hear what everyone is up to and it’s a really useful resource!

Thanks for everything you’ve done for us at Planet Skaro Audios- you’ve helped us get a much larger audience than we migth ahve done otherwise. 🙂

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