Giant Gnome: The Ouroboros Project (part 3)

28 04 2010

I’ve ditched Bloglines as my RSS reader because it keeps mucking stuff up. So sorry to the Gnomes that I didn’t catch this earlier. Episode three of The Ouroboros Project came out over the weekend, with The Doctor and Emily up to their necks as usual. Why does he keep wandering about in the middle of world wars?



DWAD & OmniPictures New Episodes

25 04 2010

A few new things have hit the virtual shelves this weekend.

First up, The Doctor Who Audio Dramas have released episode two of The Sontaran Trap.


OmniPictures finish off their audio debut with part three of Flashbang. Hoping to hear more from this company.

Link: [You can get downloads of the whole story in the blurb from this link too]

Also DAM Productions have continued down the multimedia route and released a short trailer for their final audio episode of this season, using original artwork. Maybe a taster of future projects?


BrokenSea: From the Inside (part three)

17 04 2010

An old foe and the Medusa Rift threaten space and time. Download at the link below.

Also, in case anyone missed it, I thought it worth highlighting a recent comment from the producers at Brokensea about this years slightly different schedule.

“From The Inside” is a multi-part story with shorter episodes than our standard eps. Therefore we are releasing these episodes every two weeks.

After this story is complete we will return to our regular one episode a month schedule with a 2 part epic story as our season finale.

The BrokenSea Doctor Who season will finish around September – which gives us plenty of time to finish preparing the 2011 season which will be back to 13 episodes.”


OmniPictures: Flashbang (part two)

16 04 2010

I enjoyed the start of this short 3 part story. Part two is now up on youtube, and as before there is a better quality mp3 to download (linked in the blurb below the video).


DWAD: The Sontaran Trap (episode one)

7 04 2010

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas first release of 2010 is also the first story of their 36th season (yes, that’s 36th season). It’s also the return of the Sontarans to a DW fan audio in longer than I can recall. We have an artificial wormhole, an uneasy Doctor, and a Sontaran hiding in the cupboard. Should be fun.


OmniPictures: Flashbang (part one)

4 04 2010

It seems that the semi-hiatus year has been a veritable breeding ground for audio producing Doctor Who fans. Yet another new group, OmniPictures, has made their debut release. Flashbang is a three part story being released via Youtube. Listening to the first few minutes the sound production and acting skills are most definitely there. It’s an encouraging start. Flashbang begins in Scotland Yards archives, where The Doctor crosses paths with journalist Samantha Weaver.

To download a higher quality mp3 use the link in the youtube blurb.


DAM Productions: Isolation (episode one)

4 04 2010

The final story of season two is underway, and DAM dropped in a pretty hefty cliffhanger last time. Leaving companions Chand dead and Alice kidnapped by the mysterious man in the red phone box. Anything could happen in this finale.