BrokenSea: From the Inside (part 2)

3 04 2010

Sooner than I expected the next installment from BrokenSea has landed. The pre-theme sequence of the last episode ended on a perfectly delivered amusing line from Mark Kalita, doing a good job of introducing the new season. However the story so far hasn’t enthused me quite so much. The Doctor has very suddenly become trapped as a patient in a psychiatric hospital during the 1940s. It’s a well trodden story with not too much new happening as yet. I’m hoping things will really get going when we find out who is controlling the suspicious management and what significance the mentioned rift plays.





One response

3 04 2010

“From The Inside” is a multi-part story with shorter episodes than our standard eps. Therefore we are releasing these episodes every two weeks.

After this story is complete we will return to our regular one episode a month schedule with a 2 part epic story as our season finale.

The BrokenSea Doctor Who season will finish around September – which gives us plenty of time to finish preparing the 2011 season which will be back to 13 episodes.

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