BrokenSea and Giant Gnome: New Episodes

25 05 2010

Before I get started with the new links, I just need to forewarn everybody that I will be without internet access for over two weeks very soon. A case of the physical world showing it’s limitations – can’t wait for the next evolutionary step. So any new releases in that period are going to get missed. I’ll do a quick round up as soon as possible, although there’s nothing I’m aware of scheduled to come out. However, there’s been so much new stuff of late that anything could happen. After the disruption I should be back on track and updating things in a more timely fashion. On with the show…

Giant Gnome’s story ‘The Ouroboros Project’ has taken a thrilling turn with the imminent threat of a deadly virus being released by UNIT! This story began as a bit of slow burner, then in the last episode really shaken things up.


BrokenSea kick off another storyline, this time set in the gangster world of 1929 Chicago. The Doctor and Amanda become embroiled with more meddling aliens and ‘The Medusa Orb’.



Plymouth Who: Minus One

14 05 2010

Plymouth Who’s first audio release is a 50 minute adventure. They were the team behind fan film The Other Side last year, which I thought had the best fan who script for some time. With good writing being so integral to audio plays I’m eager to hear how they’ve done. The story sounds encouragingly different. They currently don’t have their own website and are releasing through the Gallifrey Base forums. So if you want to find out more about them or let them know what you think, that’s the place to go.

Only members can read the forum, and so I will put a copy of the story blurb and the direct links on here. Hopefully they won’t mind, it’s for the benefit of those of you not interested in joining the site.

Minus One:
It’s the end of the world… again… with Planet Earth almost nothing but a ball of waste nobody wants, it’s up to a small teem of scientists to try and turn the clock back and save our Earth from being nothing but a radio active sphere in space!

But they are not alone, as an old and ancient race has awoken from a long sleep but they are not happy with what they find.

Can the Doctor prevent the final tick of the clock… only one thing in certain… planet Earth is one minute from Doomsday!



DWAD: The Sontaran Trap (episode three) and Plymouth Who Productions

11 05 2010

Part three of The Sontaran Trap is ready for download.


In other news, there is another new company about to embark on a series of audio plays. Plymouth Who Productions started out last year with a well received Doctor Who film called ‘The Other Side’. Using the same cast and crew they are continuing this first season with an audio story ‘Minus One’, which will be released later this week. Then following that with a combination of more audios and films.

The trailer for Minus One is on Youtube and available for download through Rapidshare.


BrokenSea: Behind the Sofa

6 05 2010

BrokenSea has been putting out top quality Doctor Who audios since 2007. Here we have a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes of their most recent work. A short confidential, if you like, featuring actors, writers and producers comments.


DAM Productions: Isolation (episode two)

4 05 2010

DAM finish off a very eventful season with one of my favourite terrors – the Cybermen. And the news is things are already geared up for the third season. Enjoy.