BrokenSea and Giant Gnome: New Episodes

25 05 2010

Before I get started with the new links, I just need to forewarn everybody that I will be without internet access for over two weeks very soon. A case of the physical world showing it’s limitations – can’t wait for the next evolutionary step. So any new releases in that period are going to get missed. I’ll do a quick round up as soon as possible, although there’s nothing I’m aware of scheduled to come out. However, there’s been so much new stuff of late that anything could happen. After the disruption I should be back on track and updating things in a more timely fashion. On with the show…

Giant Gnome’s story ‘The Ouroboros Project’ has taken a thrilling turn with the imminent threat of a deadly virus being released by UNIT! This story began as a bit of slow burner, then in the last episode really shaken things up.


BrokenSea kick off another storyline, this time set in the gangster world of 1929 Chicago. The Doctor and Amanda become embroiled with more meddling aliens and ‘The Medusa Orb’.





One response

1 06 2010
bill hollweg

Thanks for posting about our WHO at BrokenSea!
Appreciate the kind words!

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