Big Rip-Off: The Anorak Trilogy

25 06 2010

Here’s something new but old, and late on this blog but only because of my brief hiatus. Recently exhumed from the Big Rip-Off Productions archive (or closet?) is their 2003 Doctor Who spoof of epic proportions. Re-edited and unleashed upon the world. The whole thing is going up on youtube and at first glance is pretty well put together. Full of in jokes, classic characters, and other sci-fi references. Give it a whirl.

Planet of The Anoraks – Episode 1
The Doctor Arrives at Berman Cove to find the Master up to his old triacks:

Planet of The Anoraks – Episode 2

Ressurrection of the Anoraks – Episode 1


Giant Gnome: City of the Dead

24 06 2010

This is Giant Gnomes season one finale. City of the Dead has The Doctor and his companions exploring an ancient abandoned city in deep space. What will they find?