Planet Skaro: The Sting of The Time Bees (episode one)

24 07 2010

They’re back.

I’ve got to say Planet Skaro Audios have a knack with titles. From the mysterious ‘The Kalrexi Mutation’ to the pulpy adventure sound of ‘The Sting of the Time Bees’. And they don’t skimp when it comes to world and character building as you’ll see with this stories blurb. If you’re not familiar with Planet Skaro, expect larger than life characters, interesting plots and alien worlds wrapped in a lighthearted sense of humour.

Sadly, what they don’t have just now is a fresh webpage for this story, and so I’ll repost their blurb with the link. Sometime soon the full info should appear on their main page here –

“The Time Bees are coming, Ed. They’re coming for YOU.”

NOROMBRA. A world of myths and legends, ruled by a tyrannical Queen.

GENE BRADLEY. The playboy billionaire businessman and movie star. A gentleman and an adventurer.

LORD RAXBONE. Ice Lord of Mars. His mission: to recapture the honour of the Martian Empire.

The Doctor’s companion Edward Bradley is thrust into a world of intrigue and mayhem. But being executed by the Palace Guard and escaping the clutches of the Ice Warriors are the least of his worries. Because Ed has been marked by the Time Bees… and the cataclysmic events that follow will shake Norombra to it’s core and bring the whole galaxy under threat!

Ed has one hope left – that the Doctor will save him. Only this time the Doctor has problems of his own. After all, how can he save Ed… if he can’t even save himself?

Empires will crumble, secrets will be revealed and loads of people will die in… The STING of the TIME BEES!”


PS. They have an RSS feed now too. Although that does risk making this blog a little redundant it’s a good feature (that not everyone is doing so don’t leave me).




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