What Happened?

28 12 2010

A combination of an increase in work, a difficult and disastrous house move (from which I’m still not recovered or finished with), a month disconnected from the internet, and the xmas period, left Botcherby’s on an unintentional hiatus. Sadly things aren’t likely to improve in the near future. It probably saddens me more than anyone, although it is good to see people have still been visiting and using the database.

In order for the site to continue I need a more organised schedule that won’t suffer from any more offline interference. I have ideas to revitalise the site which I will be getting stuck into in the New Year. Things will remain quiet for some time yet, but if you like this site or find it useful, please stay subscribed to the RSS or check back over the coming months. As soon as I have a solid plan of action I’ll post the info here.

I will continue to update the database here as and when I can. Each page has a date of when it was last altered for you to check.

Also two recent audio plays have come to my attention. The Chattath Factor from West Lake Films, and Let It Snow from The Crossover Adventures. Two well established producers, so definitely worth checking out.

See you in the New Year.




One response

31 12 2010
Bill Hollweg

Take your time my friend- we will await more WHO coolness here at Botcherby’s!
Love this place!

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