January Releases – DWAD – Crossovers – BrokenSea – Darker Projects

27 01 2011

Whilst catching up on the audios from the end of last year, I couldn’t help but notice even more new stories piling up on my desktop. They come in waves you know.

DWAD continue their 36th season with the Earthbound futuristic story ‘Might of the Starry Sea’.
Link: http://www.dwad.net/channel1/channel1.html

The Crossovers make good on their promise for more stories. After the recent Xmas special ‘Let it Snow’, the series proper continues with episode one of ‘West Wind’. With it’s evocative front cover.
Link: http://www.crossovers.org/lifetime.htm

BrokenSea continues its current season with a tale of ancient warring races and the Doctor’s attempts to preserve the time continuum. In the curiously titled ‘Quorum of Time’.
Link: http://brokensea.com/drwho/2011/01/13/episode-7-the-quorum-of-time-part-1/

Darker Projects kicks off a new season with The Doctor and Emma on a distant and unique planet in ‘Caribbean Blue’.
Link: http://www.darkerprojects.com/doctorwho.php#x0400




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