Change My Dear – Nerva Beacon!

9 11 2011

Things have been afoot. Botcherby’s is a great little site and will be here to stay and still updated for that ‘audios at a glance’ simplicity. However, in the name of all things modern, bigger sequins, better polystyrene, greener bubble wrap, I’ve gone and created a new database of DW fan audios. It’s going to take time to copy all the info across, and Nerva Beacon will hold even more information than Botcherby’s ever comfortably could. Most importantly with the ability to search by categories, characters, themes, etc. Along with comments, ratings and interactive red button pushing goodness. It’s early days yet but do have a look and see if you like it. To add comments and ratings just click the join this site button and it’s quick and easy from there.

Latest updates/alterations to botcherby’s database:
Darker Projects: Caribbean Blue, The Infinity Doctors
DWAD: Faces of the Dead, Fire Child
Crossover Adventures: West Wind
BrokenSea: (season 4) Viracocha, The Accidental Engineer
Planet Skaro Audios: Massanicassa




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