Nerva Beacon Regenerates – New Site

21 06 2014

Botcherby’s is history. But it’s successor Nerva Beacon is looking to be in great shape after a full redesign and move to it’s own domain.

The information on Botcherby’s is increasingly out of date and inaccurate. So with heavy heart it will get no more updates. Change your links and subscribe to the Nerva Beacon blog and enjoy the waves of audio plays being added to the database.


Change My Dear – Nerva Beacon!

9 11 2011

Things have been afoot. Botcherby’s is a great little site and will be here to stay and still updated for that ‘audios at a glance’ simplicity. However, in the name of all things modern, bigger sequins, better polystyrene, greener bubble wrap, I’ve gone and created a new database of DW fan audios. It’s going to take time to copy all the info across, and Nerva Beacon will hold even more information than Botcherby’s ever comfortably could. Most importantly with the ability to search by categories, characters, themes, etc. Along with comments, ratings and interactive red button pushing goodness. It’s early days yet but do have a look and see if you like it. To add comments and ratings just click the join this site button and it’s quick and easy from there.

Latest updates/alterations to botcherby’s database:
Darker Projects: Caribbean Blue, The Infinity Doctors
DWAD: Faces of the Dead, Fire Child
Crossover Adventures: West Wind
BrokenSea: (season 4) Viracocha, The Accidental Engineer
Planet Skaro Audios: Massanicassa

Alive But Not Kicking

12 06 2011

It’s been nothing but tumbleweed here for many moons now. The good news is Botcherby’s is still alive, the database is up to date and will be kept up to date. On each of the database pages you can see the date of the most recent update. However, time has conspired against me such that the blogging side of things is on permanent hiatus. How very Doctor Who of me.

I hope the database continues to be of use to you all, and you can still contact me via email with any queries or information. I will be listening.

Updated stories:
BrokenSea: East of the Sun, West of the Moon / Mechalution / The Quorum of Time.
Crossover Adventures: Let It Snow / West Wind
DAM Productions: Arrangements
Darker Projects: The Christmas Message / Caribbean Blue
DWAD: Might of the Starry Sea / Faces of the Dead
Fineline Productions: The Chattath Factor
Giant Gnome: Blackbird
Planet Skaro: Once Upon A Time Lord, Massanicassa

What Happened?

28 12 2010

A combination of an increase in work, a difficult and disastrous house move (from which I’m still not recovered or finished with), a month disconnected from the internet, and the xmas period, left Botcherby’s on an unintentional hiatus. Sadly things aren’t likely to improve in the near future. It probably saddens me more than anyone, although it is good to see people have still been visiting and using the database.

In order for the site to continue I need a more organised schedule that won’t suffer from any more offline interference. I have ideas to revitalise the site which I will be getting stuck into in the New Year. Things will remain quiet for some time yet, but if you like this site or find it useful, please stay subscribed to the RSS or check back over the coming months. As soon as I have a solid plan of action I’ll post the info here.

I will continue to update the database here as and when I can. Each page has a date of when it was last altered for you to check.

Also two recent audio plays have come to my attention. The Chattath Factor from West Lake Films, and Let It Snow from The Crossover Adventures. Two well established producers, so definitely worth checking out.

See you in the New Year.

Two Today

31 03 2010

Yes – Botcherby’s has been going for two years. Mostly smoothly and hopefully serving as some use to listeners and producers alike. Get in touch if you have any suggestions to improve the site.

So I’ll say a quick hello and thank you to everyone out there that has stopped by, made a comment, or emailed about this and that. It’s looking like another fun year ahead, with more new audio producers appearing recently and I hear there are one or two more in the pipeline already. May the wind be at your backs.

Now for cake…
tardis birthday cake

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BrokenSea: Open Call for Scripts and Season Notes

12 12 2009

BrokenSea have put up a short video from the series creator Steven Jay Cohen. In it are a few of his thoughts on the current season, its story arcs and inception. Along with teasers for the 2010 season, plus a spin off series.

It also includes an open call to Doctor Who audio script writers for their story proposals. A chance to get involved with a well produced and established series no less. Details of what to send and where are in the video.


BrokenSea: New World Order & Update

5 11 2009

I don’t think I could possibly hype up Brokensea’s latest episode any more than their own description.

“Time has fallen. Olivia is in the garden. Amanda is in the void. And the Doctor… The Doctor does not exist.”

Download here:

Also, thanks to a comment by Chivani, I’ve added info and links for the ‘Leela: Land of Silver’ 5 part mini-series. It was released in early 2008 by Misfits Audio. You can find it under Audios E-Z.