DAM Productions: Here Come the Clowns

22 03 2010

DAM are close to the end of their second season. This being the penultimate story in the run of mixed full cast and audiobook audios; this one is an audiobook, once again written by James D Quinton.



DAM Productions: Pop Factor!

8 03 2010

DAM continue their second series with Pop Factor! An anachronistic musical mash up, which sees a classic old character return and rock and roll in the 17th century. It is in the audiobook format.

Link: http://www.doctorwho.damproductions.org/2001/02/pop-factor.html

DAM Productions: Sliding Doctors

17 01 2010

The first new audio of 2010 comes from DAM productions. It’s an audiobook, although with three cast members doing the reading. If anyone is wondering I’m not going to blog all new Doctor Who fan audiobooks, but DAMs have been of such quality and part of their series that I’m happy to cover them. Sliding Doctors, as the title suggests, has two possible futures at the heart of the story, and is a part of season two.

Link: http://www.doctorwho.damproductions.org/2001/01/sliding-doctors.html

Cat Flap Audios

20 12 2009

Another audio group has recently arrived on the scene. This time it is a small group of youngsters making both audio drama and audiobook stories. It’s early days for aspiring Cat Flap, not least because most of the group are about 12 or 13 years old, so don’t expect the polish of older teams. Actors are doing lots of multiple roles, and it could do with some more music and sound effects. However, what they lack in experience is given a boost from enthusiasm. It’s also very encouraging to see audio drama reaching out to a new audience.

There are over half a dozen stories up on their youtube channel. Put ‘audio’ or ‘audiobook’ in the search box and everything should come up. I’ll be putting the story titles into the database shortly.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/CatFlapAudios

DAM Productions: Game of Adventure

13 10 2009

Continuing with the audiobook releases is ‘Game of Adventure’. This time putting 5th century Persia and a television show from another galaxy into the mix. As usual from DAM it’s a good reading and solid sound design. It’s on the DAM website in mp3 and pdf formats.


It’s also available, from an interesting site I’ve never come across before, as both an online ebook and streaming audio.


DAM Productions: Siege of the Silver City

15 09 2009

The continued adventures of the DAM Doctor see him crashing down in a city on the verge of destruction. Siege of the Silver City is online for streaming or download. Visit the link.


Dam Productions, Giant Gnome & BrokenSea: New Episodes

20 08 2009

It’s all happening at once this week. Four new releases.

First up Dam Productions have two more episodes online. The concluding part of ‘The Unforgiving World’, where we find out what’s causing trouble on the sand planet. The following release is another audio book style story, ‘It Ends Where It Began’. About a newly discovered gas that could replace fossil fuels, and the unforseen and deadly problems that arise.

The Unforgiving World (part 2):

It Ends Where It Began:

BrokenSea Audio Productions have another teaser episode out.

Who is Amanda Waterfield? part 4:

Lastly, we have a new Dr Who producer to welcome to the fold. Giant Gnome Productions have released the first episode of their forthcoming series known as ‘Legends of a Time Lord’. They’re giving nothing away in the blurb, other than it’s a surprise filled trip to the 19th century. And I’ll do the same, so follow the link and listen to find out more. I’ll give a little more detail with the next episode.

Springheel Jack (part 1):