Big Rip-Off: Destiny of the Anoraks – plus News and Previews

22 07 2010

And finishing off the Anorak Trilogy is parts two and three of Destiny of the Anoraks, featuring a well known mischievous monk. For anyone that doesn’t enjoy having to listen to audio plays through youtube, you might want to check out An online service that can download the audio from youtube into an mp3 file. There are lots of sites like this if you do a quick google, but I’ve found Dirpy to be a reliable free version. I much prefer loading up my walkman and listening wherever I like, so this has been really useful.

Episode 2

Episode 3

The outtakes:

More exciting news has popped up this week. Planet Skaro is gearing up for another run of audios. Their fourth season, which is quite an achievement. Especially as they are actually good. Ha. They’ve put up a sneek trailer which I’ve had to link to directly. More on the first audio when it arrives.

Season 4 trailer

If that’s not enough, BTR productions has announced it’s return from beyond the grave. Potentially with a few more audio stories to round off their already 3 season long series. Some years ago there was mention of an unfinished audio, and so hopefully that and more will see the light of day.


DWAD: The Sontaran Trap (episode three) and Plymouth Who Productions

11 05 2010

Part three of The Sontaran Trap is ready for download.


In other news, there is another new company about to embark on a series of audio plays. Plymouth Who Productions started out last year with a well received Doctor Who film called ‘The Other Side’. Using the same cast and crew they are continuing this first season with an audio story ‘Minus One’, which will be released later this week. Then following that with a combination of more audios and films.

The trailer for Minus One is on Youtube and available for download through Rapidshare.


DWAD & OmniPictures New Episodes

25 04 2010

A few new things have hit the virtual shelves this weekend.

First up, The Doctor Who Audio Dramas have released episode two of The Sontaran Trap.


OmniPictures finish off their audio debut with part three of Flashbang. Hoping to hear more from this company.

Link: [You can get downloads of the whole story in the blurb from this link too]

Also DAM Productions have continued down the multimedia route and released a short trailer for their final audio episode of this season, using original artwork. Maybe a taster of future projects?


Crossover Adventures: West Wind (trailer)

29 03 2010

This one slipped my radar from a week ago (apologies). The Crossover Adventures have released a new trailer for West Wind, which is nearing completion. Full info is currently at the top of their main page. Enjoy.

DWAD: The Sontaran Trap (trailer)

26 03 2010

The Sontaran Trap is the first story of The Doctor Who Audio Dramas 36th season. A three part story about a man-made wormhole and no doubt the unwanted intrusion/invasion from our favourite round headed clones. Here’s a taster.

Link: (scroll down for mp3)

Giant Gnome: The Black Peter & Crossover: Sneak peek

25 12 2009

As promised Giant Gnome Productions have released their hour long christmas special, The Black Peter. The Doctor must solve the mystery of disappearing children at Cadogan Castle this yule time.


Also out today is a sneak peek of The Crossover Adventures next full length story West Wind.


Giant Gnome: The Black Peter (trailer)

24 12 2009

If you’re wondering whether there will be any audio Doctor Who Xmas releases this year, here is your first confirmation. Giant Gnome Productions have put up a promo for their next story, The Black Peter, which will be available for download on December 25th.