This section is for projects which, despite good intentions and hard work, never completed a proper first story. Some have promising first episodes, trailers, or early episodes for long running series. Whilst others have only titles.

If you spot any inaccuracies on this list please comment at the bottom and I’ll get it updated. You can also email me at botcherbys at googlemail dot com.

[Last updated: 27th December 2011]

Adams/Cooper Audios
1. The Dalek Genome (one scene rough edit) [5 mins]

Years Active: 2007

Argolis Productions & Warwick Way Audios (WW Audio)
1. Changing Times (unfinished, 2 episodes released)

Years Active: 2001 – 2002

CiNEFFIGY / The Fantasi Factory
1. The Commission: Augury (only 2 episodes of the series completed)
A spin off series starring Sarah Sutton and Mark Strickson (approx 1999-2000).

Circus13 Productions [website]
1. The Unforgiving World (partially recorded)

Cutting Edge Audios
1. Shattered Mind (post production | trailer released)
3. Something Wicked This Way Comes (unmade)
6. The Time Carrions (unmade)

Years Active: 2003 – 2004

Eleventh Planet Audios
Millennium Series:
1. Genesis [8 mins]
2. The Weeds of Carnage [9 mins]
(unfinished series ends on a cliffhanger)

Years Active: 2000

Future Echo Productions (formerly Belmont Productions)
1. Area 51 (unfinished, 1 episode released)

Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer
1. Assassin [11 mins]
2. The Symbol of Albion [11 mins]
(unfinished series ends on a cliffhanger)

Years Active: 2001

Millhouse Productions
Doctor Who and the Space Bazzar (unfinished, trailer released)

Years Active: 1999

Prio CS Audios
1. Amphibious Conspiracy (unfinished, 1 episode released)

Years Active: 2006

Timestream (formerly Dave Brook Productions) [website]
1. Trouble with Time (unfinished, 2 episodes released)

Years Active: 2006

Trebmal Productions (formerly Future Echo Productions)
1. Phoenix Effect (no info)

Ultimate Reality [website] [alt link]
1. Caverns of Blood (unfinished, 2 episodes released)

Years Active: 2000 – 2001

Varga Productions
1. Dreamcatcher (no info)

Zindignite [wiki]
1. The Krios Factor (unfinished – 1 episode releaased)
2. The Ironslove Prophecy (unfinished – 2 episodes released)
3. Intergalactic Plagues and How to Cure Them (unfinished – 1 episode released)
4. Fire of Kotova (unfinished)
5. The Colony of Sorrow (unfinished)

Years Active: 1999 – 2001


2 responses

16 04 2010

Sad to see the ones that didn’t make it. Have you considered seeking permission to host these somewhere?
I don’t suppose the Abslom Daak ones are still available somewhere are they? I’ve been looking for them for years.

17 04 2010

The Abslom ones have been offline for a very long time now.

I’ve only been in touch with one or two people off this list (ones either available or non-existent). If there is any interest in getting some of these found and hosted drop me a comment here or on email. Then I might do a little digging.

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