Children in Need Releases

14 11 2008

pudseywaveThe Doctor Who Audio Dramas have pulled out all the stops for a multi Doctor story. That’s DWAD Doctor’s, and all five of them. Plus a bear – you know, the one with the eye-patch. It’s called The Call of Pudsey.


All indications are that the Planet Skaro team have turned their cheery, japery style up to 11. Party hats and all. The short story Many Happy Returns is up.


Dam Productions were thinking of doing an audio, but then against type went and did a short film. Seeing as it’s all charity inspired I thought I’d link that too. The preview is up at the moment, full film to follow soon.


Now remember, these people had to switch off the telly and maybe even sweat a little to make these. An unnerving thought, and hopefully enough to get you donating a little something to the Children in Need appeal. David Tennant says so too.


BBC Children in Need gives grants to organisations in the UK working with children who have mental, physical or sensory disabilities; behavioural or psychological disorders; are living in poverty or situations of deprivation; or suffering through distress, abuse or neglect.


Children in Need Challenge

7 08 2008

Doctor who has long been associated with the BBC’s annual Children in Need appeal. Producing 5 – 10 minute stories or sketches like last years Time Crash, where 10th Doctor David Tennant met his 5th persona Peter Davison. But you all knew that.

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas team are planning their own short story in support of this years Children in Need, and have asked other producers to join in. A couple have already declared an interest, and if you’ve ever fancied the idea of making one yourself, this would be a good place to start.

All you need to do is make a short audio drama ready for release on 14th November 2008. Wherever you choose to release it, use the space to promote Children in Need (link to their website for donations). Or mention them in the audios spoken credits. Or even add a Children in Need theme to your story.

If you want to chat about this more, there is a thread in The Doctor Who Forum ( fan audio and video section) – you’ll need to join. Or you could ask in the DWAD forum.

Good luck, and don’t forget to mention any releases to Botcherby’s (in advance) so they can all be mentioned together on release day. If you want any advice on hosting etc then ask away too. Contact me via botcherbys at googlemail dot com.